Sussex Against Bullying is a Non-profit Community Interest Company based in West Sussex providing support services for young people aged 8-18 who have been affected by bullying and their parents.

At Sussex Against Bullying, we provide a range of services for young people and parents to support them with the effects of bullying. We are an inclusive organisation also working with young people with SEND and Autism (ASD), those who identify themselves as LGBTQ, different ethnic and socio-economic, family situation and also young carers who may also be vulnerable to bullies and also doing the bullying.

Our Services

Young People

Sussex Against Bullying supports children and young people across the county of Sussex by providing mentoring and a Holiday based youth club for children & young people across the County of Sussex.

Parent Support

We provide parental support sessions and information for parents & guardians of children and young people. We are here to support you in finding ways to help you communicate with the school and find ways to stop the bullying.

Every source of information is helpful

Information Service

We provide information to parents and young people who have been affected by bullying, whether it happens at school, at home, or over the internet, we can provide bespoke information on each individual case.

Access our services

To access our services, a young person can be referred to us by their parent/guardian or a professional who works with the young person, such as a Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Family support worker, Youth Support Worker, Social worker, etc. A Referral can be made via our referral form.

We operate across the county of Sussex in different areas and can either come out to you, chat over the phone or meet over Zoom to discuss your support needs.

We also raise awareness and promote anti-bullying by taking part in community events and talking to people.

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