About me

Hello and welcome to Sussex Against Bullying.  My name is Benjamin Checkley, I am the founder of Sussex Against Bullying which was set up in June 2017.

Prior to setting up Sussex Against Bullying, I have volunteered for many different organisations, the biggest one being St John Ambulance where I was a cadet for around 10 years, learning lifesaving first aid skills. I have also volunteered for BeatBullying and Mindfull UK. I worked with professional Counsellors, Psychotherapists and social workers and spoke to young people aged 11-19 who were having difficulties, whether it was Bullying, or they needed a general supportive chat which took place on their moderated support chat.

Unfortunately BeatBullying and Mindful folded in October 2014 and since it has, I continued my voluntary work and have even set up a few of my own voluntary groups (Including SAB).

My main reason for starting SAB was because I too have experienced all kinds of forms of bullying including physical and cyberbullying, I even joined my local Karate Dojo, studying Traditional Shotokan Karate in order to improve my self-confidence skills, although, even then I sometimes still experience bullying even as an adult.

Over the years, working in youth work, I have learned that there isn’t as much information or support about bullying as there should be, so I am writing this blog/website with the hope that it will become a helpful resource for children, young people and parents, guardians and carers, as well as professionals, from not only around Sussex but the rest of the UK.

Please note that all information on this website, is from my own personal experience, I am neither a professional social worker, psychologist or counsellor and I do not claim to be.
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