Autism & SEND

Autism or ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) is a life long developmental disability which affects how people communicate and interact with others. 

Children and young people who have Autism or SEND (Special Educational Need or Disability) can be more at risk to bullying than their peers because they find it more challenging to read and interpret facial expressions, they may take things more literally than others which can make them an easy target. 

Help a young person with disabilities/autism affected by bullying

What can I do if my child/young person is being bullied?

  • Speak to them calmly, without getting angry or upset
  • Listen carefully to the child/young person 
  • Discuss what has happened and what the child/young person would like to happen.

It can be difficult for a child with autism or SEND to talk to you face to face and they may find it easier to write down what happened or draw a picture.

Teen friends with basketball in city

Speaking to the school

Once you have spoken with your child about what has been happening, make an appointment with the school to discuss the incident.

Useful Links and other organisations

Our team can provide other information resources and refer you to other services who can help. Get in touch with us today via email or 01243 290156