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Confidentiality statement

Sussex Against Bullying is a youth organisation based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, which aims to provide a safe environment for young people aged between 11-18 who have been affected by bullying.

Staff and volunteers of SAB, in the course of their duties will have access to certain personal information. It is expected that all understand the importance of treating information in a discreet and confidential manner.

In particular the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Written correspondence must be kept secure at all times when not being used by a member of staff.
  2. Conversations relating to confidential matters should not take place in situations where they may be heard by passers-by, either at the workplace e.g. in corridors, reception areas, lifts or elsewhere, such as public houses or restaurants.
  3. The same confidentiality must also be preserved in dealing with matters relating to staff /volunteers. Respect for the privacy of parents should be treated with equal


  4. It is expected that all staff understand the importance of treating

    Information in a discreet and confidential manner. Documentation

    regarding children, staff or volunteers should not be taken without the knowledge of the Session Manager/Youth Leader

  5. Any potentially sensitive information regarding Sussex Against Bullying Youth Club must not be disclosed to unauthorised persons.

  6. Each of us have the right to expect information of a personal nature be kept confidential. In return we have a duty to respect the rights of others. Any allegation of a breach of this policy that is brought to the attention of the Co-ordinator will be considered a serious matter and investigated accordingly.