Young Girl In Bedroom Worried By Bullying Text Message

Cyber Bullying is the use of communication technology i.e mobile phones, tablets etc. as well as social media such as Facebook, instagram, twitter. and instant messenger in order to hurt, threaten, make fun of an individual or group of individuals.


Types of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is getting more frequent amongst young people and most will experience or see it at some point.

There are many ways online bullying can occur and it can come in different shapes and forms.

Some of the types of cyberbullying are:

Harassment– sending messages or content  in order cause alarm or distress to another individual, this can include: insulting, abusive, nasty or humiliating messages, comments, photos and videos.

Flaming: When someone purposely uses extreme and offensive language and gets into online arguments with the intent of causing a reaction and enjoy that someone is getting distressed.


Denigration: This is where someone or a group of individuals send information about another individual which is fake or untrue, sharing photos in order to ridicule, spread fake rumours and gossip about another.

Protecting yourself online


Report the abusive comments or messages to the platform it is happening, i.e. facebok, instagram and twitter etc.


Record and keep a record of what has been said in case you need it


Block the account sending abusive comments or messages.

Tell an adult

Tell a trusted adult about what has been going on, this can be mum, dad, older brother or sister.