Our mentoring service is designed to provide a professional friend and non-judgemental ear who can work with you through challenges you might face which are stopping you reach your full potential.

Our mentoring service aims to empower you to make positive life choices that will enable you to maximize your personal potential.

To enable us to be inclusive of the different age ranges and the difference, we have split our holiday club into two groups.

Mentoring session costs

Prices for mentoring start at £10 Per Session, however will depend on distance.

Group Peer-Mentoring sessions will be done with a group of 5+ young people, two group facilitators, this is a peer support group where the young people can support each other

Costs for group mentoring sessions will start at £15 per session depending on location and costs occured during the session.

Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality means that the mentor shall not discuss anything they discuss during the session with you,  unless they feel that you or someone else may be at risk of harm.

The mentor will always try to tell you if we need to pass on information; however this may not always be possible.