SEN+D & Autism

Autism or ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) is a life long developmental disability which affects how people communicate and interact with others. 

Children and young people who have Autism or SEND (Special Educational Need or Disability) can be more at risk to bullying than their peers because they find it more challenging to read and interpret facial expressions, they may take things more literally than others which can make them an easy target.

What can we do

At Sussex Against Bullying we can provide support for children/young people with Autism and/or SEND by providing advice, information to parents/carers.

We provide advice and information offering sign-posting and referrals to additional services such as the Local authority who also may be able to offer further assistance and support.

In addition to the information service, we also work with schools & colleges to support the child/young person who is being bullied, but also to help protect against the social, emotional health affects bullying.

We also offer an Inclusive holiday run youth club which a child with Autism/SEND would be welcome to attend. More information about the holiday run youth club can be found on our Holiday club page